WASWUG Fall Gives Back

This year, WASWUG Fall 2017 is proud to support ArtsEd Washington!

You can view their website to find out more information about this amazing program.

ArtsEd Washington’s mission is to advance arts education through leadership, partnership, and communication. We want to see that every child in Washington State has access to the best possible education, one in which the arts are fully integrated into the regular curriculum. We work in partnership with educators, schools and school districts, arts and cultural organizations, parent organizations, businesses, and concerned community members to raise awareness and increase understanding of the relevance of arts education and to build the capacity of our schools to provide high-quality education in dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts for all K-12 students.

Research shows that high-quality, sequential arts education plays a positive role in both social and academic outcomes for students. Arts learning increases student engagement, which in turn increases attendance and graduation rates.

The arts significantly impact student achievement, prepare students for college and careers, and enhance social and emotional learning. Children who are sequentially educated in the arts have a better chance of developing skills in creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

The arts are one of the core subjects required to be taught in Washington state schools, but underfunding and a lack of understanding about the value and benefits of arts learning means many public schools have cut back or even eliminate their arts programs. Students in low-income communities are even less likely to get high-quality, standards-based arts learning during school hours than their counterparts in more affluent schools, which exacerbates inequality in our education system.

Spokane Activity:

In Spring 2017, ArtsEd Washington provided professional development to all Spokane Schools’ art, dance, music, and theater specialists, which provided an overview of the incredible new Washington State Arts Standards.

In Summer 2017, ArtsEd Washington is excited to facilitate Spokane Schools’ educators in fully implementing these standards at the local level by developing a scope and sequence guide that will articulate sequential learning in the arts. This work will be a powerful guide ArtsEd Washington intends to share with other districts around the state who also wish to develop their own arts curricula that is authentic to the students, the teachers, and the community that uses it.

What can you do?

  • Visit their website and make a donation there.
  • Donate onsite at WASWUG Fall.
  • Purchase ribbons onsite to go with your badge.


“You are capable¬†of more than you know.”

-Glinda, The Good Witch (The Wizard of Oz)




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